How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Grease Traps?

gulport mississippi mapIf you’re running a business with grease traps and to know how often you should clean your grease traps or signs when it’s time to call a grease trap cleaning company, then keep reading for all the information you need.


When Should You Clean Your Grease Trap?

Because all restaurants have different capacities, it’s difficult to give exact time frames of when you should be cleaning your grease trap. You can certainly set a schedule, but if you are unsure of when the last time your grease trap was serviced, our team at Vacuum Services are here to help!


Creat A Scehedule

It’s best to set a schedule to check your grease traps so that it’s a regular task that you don’t forget about. Once you know how often your grease traps need to be cleaned you can work with Vacuum Services to schedule your pumping services.

In general, grease traps should be cleaned every 1 – 3 months, but that can vary wildly depending on your usage. If your grease trap fills up faster than one month, you may consider the size of your grease trap; otherwise, you’re going to be spending too much on cleaning and increase your risks during busy periods.

There are a number of things you can check to determine how often you should be calling a grease trap pumping company.


One Quarter Rule

draining septic tankBased on your schedule, you should be checking your grease trap; once it’s a quarter full or more, you should be performing grease trap cleaning.

Once your grease trap is over a quarter full, it becomes less effective at trapping your grease and oil, which may now be escaping into the pipes.

Because you’re no longer trapping all of your grease and oil, your chance of overflows and blockages significantly increase.

So, once you hit one-quarter full, contact Vacuum Services to schedule your cleaning.



Check Local Regulations

If you forget to clean, wait too long, or simply remove your grease trap, then you could be facing fines, penalties from your state, county, or even city. It’s even possible that your business will be shut down until the issue is resolved.

If you can’t find the legal requirements or just want to be sure, you can contact us for more information.


Can You Minimize Grease Trap Usage?

vacuum services location mapIf you find that you’re calling a grease trap cleaning company too often, but your grease trap is a good size, then there are a few things you can do to minimize the usage of your grease trap.

Before putting anything into the sink, make sure that as much grease and oil is emptied into a compost receptacle as much as possible.

It may be tempting to just throw everything into the sink and hope it disappears, but grease and oil can solidify and will reduce the effectiveness of the grease trap.




What Are The Signs That It’s Time To Clean Your Grease Trap?

If you haven’t already set up a schedule or are still trying to figure out how often you should be calling a grease trap cleaning company, there are signs that it’s time to clean your grease trap.


Slow Draining Or Blocked Sinks

As your grease trap becomes fuller, the grease and oils start to solidify, making it difficult for water to pass through the drain. If you look into your grease trap, you should be able to see through it; however, if it’s becoming too full, you’ll notice a whitish cap on the top.

If you’re noticing slow drainage, blocked drains, or you can see the whitish cap on the top of your grease trap, then it’s time to call a grease trap cleaning company.


Your Kitchen Smells Bad

If your kitchen has started smelling bad and you can’t determine the cause, plus the smell is getting worse, then your grease trap may be too full or simply needs to be cleaned. Of course, you need to ensure that you’ve taken out all the garbage and cleaned the kitchen, but the lingering smell indicates a grease trap problem.

Grease traps smelling are simply the result of all the trapped waste, which is oils, food waste, sludge, solids, and grease that has been sitting for too long and is going rancid.

You may be able to determine this is the problem just by getting close enough to the grease trap and smelling. If the stench is coming from there, then it’s time to call a grease trap cleaning company.


Who Should You Call to Clean Your Grease Trap?

If you’re in the Gulfport, Mississippi area, then Vacuum Services would be more than happy to offer you quotes and the most effective grease trap cleaning in the area that will keep your business open, as well as keeping your staff and customers healthy from contamination caused by overloaded grease traps.

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